Check The Best Ways To Enjoy More In Copenhagen!

Check The Best Ways To Enjoy More In Copenhagen!

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What was once a small fishing hamlet in 11th century is now the capital of Denmark. Welcome to Copenhagen – This is apparently the happiest city in the world, according to a 2013 report. Much like most of Scandinavia, Copenhagen has a charm of its own, and while it’s not the cheapest destination in Europe, you can do well with your travel plans if you start early. So, what are the best ways to enjoy in Copenhagen? Here’s your guide.

  • Ditch the hotels. Okay, hotels in the Danish capital can be expensive, so why not spend a tad more and book an apartment? You can check for Copenhagen apartments holiday for rent long term online, and some of the best properties are located in Østerbro. Just make sure that you book in advance, and the choices include penthouses, as well as, modest one-bedroom suites.

  • Take the cycle. Not many might know but Copenhagen is comparable to Amsterdam, as far as cycle-friendly roads are concerned. You will see a lot of people take the cycle all day along, and it’s usually encouraged because of pollution concerns. You will find cheap rentals easily, and some even have GPS installed bikes.
  • Don’t run after fine dining. Probably you are interested in exploring Nordic dining, but on a budget or to explore the local food better, you need to consider street options. If you are out in the evening, Papirøen (Paper Island) is a good place to be, with stalls that serve anything and everything that you need, including craft beers. Torvehallerne street food market is also highly recommended.
  • Party with the locals. You cannot come to Europe and not explore the wine, beer and likes. Blågårdsgade is where many locals choose to go, because it is the most amazing party place in the city, and it doesn’t cost a bomb. There are bars and clubs, where you can enjoy your beer with live music. Especially on Saturdays, this place is worth the time spent.
  • Take a boat ride. While there are local boats, we recommend that you go for an organized boat tour of the city. You can find many tour operators from Nyhavn harbor area, which is also a great place to have a coffee and take pictures of the 18th century buildings that stand as colorful sculptures of sorts. Most tours do include a stop the much-famed The Little Mermaid.

Quick tips

Copenhagen is best enjoyed with the locals, and people here are quite helpful. You can actually expect considerable help from them along the way. The metro runs all through the day, and the rail services in Copenhagen are commendable. Unless you are feeling lucky, you can actually skip rental cars altogether. Most of the hotel apartments would arrange for guided tours on request, so for those who are feeling lazy, this is a great way to explore the capital.

If you are in Copenhagen, make sure to make time for two of the oldest theme parks in the world – Tivoli Garden and Bakken.

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