The Ultimate Guide to Sailing in Lake St Francis

The Ultimate Guide to Sailing in Lake St Francis

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Classified as four anchors of gold by the Quebec Maritime Association, the marina offers the advantage of being within walking distance of the nautical centre of Salaberry-de-Valleyfield, where terraces, restaurants and shops abound. Along this beautiful spot runs the Lake St Francis or Lac St Francois is a widening of the St Lawrence River in the region of the Quebec/Ontario border. It is 47 km in length, running from Cornwall Island, just beyond the Snell and Eisenhower Seaway Locks to the Beauharnois Canal and it’s two locks. There is a dredged Seaway channel to a depth of 27 feet. St Lawrence drops about 12 inches through the length of this section who forms the beautiful seaway who is the star of the post. She is one of the best spaces in Canada for most kind of water sailing hobbies for all kind of visitors including families. This is a guidepost for those who looking to explore this gem for sailing, fishing expeditions or simple tours of Opérateur Salaberry-de-Valleyfield.

Seasons and Weather

The first aspect for any kind of sailing or water sport would be the weather and as in the case with Salaberry-de-Valleyfield has typical southern Canada weather which makes the best times for cruising from May to September while rest of the months from December to March being winter and expect to ice.

Valleyfield Port

Valleyfield has recently made great efforts to develop its waterfront. It has opened its old canal (but not for passage) and has developed a boardwalk. There are many events throughout the summer months, including the Valleyfield Regatta, which is powerboat racing, in early July. It’s a popular local event, but it can be noisy and restricts usage of the bay leading into town. She is one of the best ports with regard to recreational Sailing and expeditions.

Entrances to the lake

The entrance to upstream part of this waterway starts from the west end through the American Locks, while the downstream entrance starts from the east end which goes through the Beauharnois Canal and Locks which is usually quite popular.

As for the navigation of vessels through the lake is usually done through the dredged and buoyed channels along the lengths of the lake, however, always be aware that pleasure crafts are to give way to commercial ships. With all the techniques covered, the passages of the lake are coming up.

Passages along the Lake

Passing through Lake St Francois means passing through the St Lawrence Seaway. This is the access route from the Atlantic to the Great Lakes. At times passage through this part of St Lawrence is considered part of the Great American Loop, but not usually. Most “loopers” either go up the Ottawa River and along the Rideau Canal to join St Lawrence at Kingston, considered by some the greatest part of the loop. Others take the shortcut along the Erie Canal, either to the Oswego Canal or all the way to Lake Erie.

Emergency Contact

With most of the basics covered for a better experience, always remember in case of any emergencies or clarifications the Canada Coast Guards are your best bet with they’re 24-hour emergency numbers with an inshore rescue boat station on the lake in Valleyfield.

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